Packaging design new Zipfer Naturhopfen Pils

Pichler & Gattringer has been supporting the Austrian premium brand “Zipfer” for many years with various implementations in packaging design, POS materials and event advertising materials.

Most recently, the design for the new Zipfer Naturhopfen Pils was developed.

Previously only available in selected restaurants, Pichler & Gattringer created the design for the Zipfer Naturhopfen Pils bottle labels and 6-pack, which now also provide variety on the beer shelves in retail.

The Zipfer Naturhopfen Pils is fresh and tart and brewed especially for hop gourmets.

Dry freshness and naturalness – this is also conveyed by the packaging design. Cool shades of blue and shiny metallic effects in silver and gold visualize liveliness and refreshing beer enjoyment.

The new Naturhopfen Pils lettering was designed in a clear and reduced style. The hops illustration in the centre of the label refers to the special brewing process with 4 varieties of selected natural hops.

Variety is guaranteed!


  • Brand and packaging design
  • Cool colouring
  • Conveys dry freshness and naturalness
  • Detailed hops illustration

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