The right design for a new beer style.

For many beer lovers, Gösser is the epitome of Austrian
beer. Old recipes and traditional varieties – the Gösser
brand guarantees the highest quality, pure nature and
living tradition.
And of course, there are always innovative varieties, such
as the Gösser Helles, with which a new Gösser beer
segment called “Session Lager” was launched onto the
Austrian beer market.


Fresh design for the first Gösser Session Lager on the Austrian beer market.

These days when it comes to beer, in the consumers’ opinion is, that drinks should be a little bit lighter and less alcoholic. In line with this Gösser Helles was launched.

The desire of the connoisseurs for less alcohol is met with an alcohol content of only 4,4 % vol., the new variety is slightly dry and easy to drink, an everyday beer type in the best sense of the word.

Our client wanted a design that conveys fresh lightness and high-quality naturalness, clearly standing out from the existing range.

Light background colours and fresh, vivid green that was combined with elegant gold, meet this requirement.


Fresh and harsh naturalness vividly designed.

Due to the very light primer, the Helles was singled out from the existing Gösser range, which has usually a background in rather strong colours.

The light cream tone in the background combined with strong nuances of green reflects the naturalness and origin of Austria’s brewery Göss. There the Gösser Helles is brewed from local raw materials and is CO2 neutral.


  • Brand and packaging design
  • Jaunty lettering
  • Fresh and natural
  • Exposed from the existing range

Brau Union Österreich AG