Regional treasures in focus.

The Schleppe brewery in Klagenfurt, Carinthia cultivates the craft of brewing at the highest level for over 400 years. With purest water from the brewery‘s own source and selected natural products combined with old craftsmanship, very special Beer specialties are created, unique in taste and appearance. This valuable self-image of the brewery Pichler & Gattringer made visible across the entire product range.


The high reputation in the creative beer segment should be made visible also in the basic beer range.

The realignment of Schleppe beer range maintains the clear division into the basic range and the creative beers, taking into account the goal of a consistent brand presence. The desire to make a valuable beer expertise visible also on the Märzen design was clearly fulfilled. In a first step the heraldry was slightly adjusted. The harsh black-red contrast was refined by the more elegant wine-red-red combination. The reference to the tradition as a year forms the “heavenly bracket” to the brand lettering. The illustration of the brewery is placed in the centre of the label bottom.


With the Pale Ale No. 1, the Schleppe brewery has particular expertise in ale beers.

The Schleppe Pale Ale No. 1 has already been awarded internationally several times, the number 1 in the variety designation takes this into account on the packaging designs. The color scheme of this beer specialty consciously holds back and emphasizes the premium claim very clearly, but in a subtle and elegant way.


Well-made balance of tradition and modernity

We were allowed to develop a redesign that positions the brand stronger, more modern, and clearer.


  • Brand and packaging design
  • Realignment of the range
  • Upgrade of the basic range
  • Clear positioning

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