Seductive beer with a retro look

With its retro design and classic porcelain pop-top, Wieselburger Stammbräu is one of the most popular specialty beers on the Austrian market.

Pichler & Gattringer designed the original brand identity of Wieselburger many years ago and since then accompanies the brand development, especially the Stammbräu and Gold product equipment and the brand key visual that appeal all senses of a beer lover. The special shape of the neck label and the design with retro elements refer to the traditional beer production and communicate a brand world, which is connected to tradition and brewing craftsmanship but interpreted in a modern way.

The latest creation, the Wieselburger Schwarzbier, presents itself deeply dark with slightly coffee-tinted foam. The design for this specialty in the Wieselburger typical bottle was also designed by Pichler & Gattringer. The lettering was designed in an elegant style, rich colour in the background of the label and shining yellow gold, combined with red reflections convey depth and finesse – the Schwarzbier lives up to its name and stands out from the Wieselburger range without leaving the well-known brand elements.

Pichler & Gattringer Grafik Design also designed the bottle carrier and an elegant gift box for the Wieselburger Schwarzbier.


  • Continuous brand development
  • Consistent implementation of all POS materials
  • Characteristic swing closure bottle
  • Retro-Design
  • Reference to brewing craftsmanship and tradition

Brau Union Österreich AG