Redesign and new bottle shape for Bulgarian specialty beer brand ‘Stolichno’

The traditional Bulgarian beer brand ‘Stolichno’ (meaning ‘the beer from the capital city’) stands for compelling and sophisticated beer indulgence and has been enjoying a loyal following on the Bulgarian market for years.

Two blends are available, Stolichno Bock beer, which is a strong dark beer with malty taste, full-bodied with subtle caramel flavour and Stolichno ‘Weiss’, which is a Hefeweizen beer.

Beer lovers enjoy the Bock with medium hop bitter taste as an elegant and fine beverage for especially moments or in combination with pork, beef and lamb meals.

Stolichno Weiss is a naturally cloudy and amber coloured beer, marked by slight banana aromas and fine carbonic acid and offers special richness in taste.

With this background Pichler & Gattringer created a redesign of the packaging and designed a new iconic 0.4L brand bottle for the brand belonging to the HEINEKEN Bulgaria portfolio.
The result was an elegant long neck bottle with solid socket and iconic ‘S’ embossment on the bottle shoulder, striving for enhancing the premium character of the Stolichno brand and aiming at a mix of contemporary and traditional, crafted perception.


  • Brand and packaging redesign
  • Iconic brand bottle
  • Special embossment