New masterpieces

Beer tradition and innovation have long since ceased to be mutually exclusive for the Brauerei Zipf brewery in Upper Austria.

Indeed, Zipfer recognised the trend towards less or no alcohol early on and successfully implemented it with low-alcohol Zipfer DREI and alcohol-free Zipfer HELL Alkoholfrei.

In line with the trend towards speciality beers, the Upper Austrian brewery presents a new range of limited specialities under the name “Meisterwerke der Brauerei Zipf” (Masterpieces of Brauerei Zipf). The first voyage of discovery leads to a Pale Ale and a Pils, refined with the natural hops of the year “Calypso”.

The masterful design for this comes from Pichler & Gattringer. The packaging specialists give the fresh, hoppy beer a special visual accent. They used a lot of sensitivity to successfully implement the originality and special characteristics of the new range. The label design radiates an independent character, while simultaneously expressing the fact that the product comes from Upper Austria’s traditional brewery.


  • Brand and packaging design
  • Marked lettering
  • Craft beer style
  • Natural uncoated label material

Brau Union Österreich AG