Traditional specialties, reissued

Brewing beer has a long tradition in Göss – for over a thousand years at this location. In addition to the most popular beer in Austria, the Gösser Märzen, also the successful Gösser NaturGold and the Gösser Kracherl have their origin in the Styrian brewery.

Now the brewery Göss has two extraordinary specialties: a light and a dark Stifts-Zwickl, both brewed  after an old recipe and original brewing process, it is unfiltered and fruity-mild.

The beer specialties are available in the exclusive twist-top bottle and the label design created by Pichler & Gattringer communicates high quality, naturalness and tradition, too. The selection of the uncoated label paper material with a fine structure imparts craftsmanship, both optically and haptically.


  • Brand and packaging design
  • Naturalness
  • Craft beer style
  • Uncoated label material

Brau Union Österreich AG