Packaging design for two ‘Puntigamer’ Radler innovations ‘Frei Radler’ and ‘Zwei Radler’

Puntigamer is one of the most popular and best-selling Austrian beer brands.
Folksiness, cheerfulness, honesty, fresh ingredients and excellent art of brewing, that is what the brand Puntigamer represents. With the power of a leading brand Puntigamer enters twice into the category of mixed beer drinks and extends the range by two Radler variants in the pleasantly dry flavour ‘Grapefruit’.

Puntigamer Zwei Radler is a classic Radler composed of Grapefruit lemonade and full-bodied beer, together with the non-alcoholic variant Puntigamer Frei Radler it offers fruity refreshment suitable for all occasions.

The entire packaging design of bottles, cans and all the secondary packaging was created by Pichler & Gattringer. Fresh, tart fruitiness and cheerful informality – that should be communicated by the packaging design.


  • Line extension
  • New sub brand lettering
  • Dry colouring

Brau Union Österreich AG