Pichler & Gattringer is raising a glass to its collaboration with Fürstenberg

Pichler & Gattringer created a complete redesign of the logo and labelling for Baden-Württemberg’s Fürstenberg Brewery. The 728-year-old brewery offers beer connoisseurs a brand with an even stronger sense of quality and tradition. The Fürstenberg look provides a real taste of the product’s premium character and regional heritage.

At the same time, the design remains true to the reserved nature of the Baden-Württemberg brewer, while conveying an image of freshness and modernity. The logo, label- and communication design make the comprehensive repositioning of Fürstenberg tangible in every way. We’ve uniformly reconceived the brand identity across all products, standardising the logo for all beer varieties and communication applications. This coherence has resulted in the evolvement of an unmistakable profile of the Fürstenberg beer brand.


  • Brand and packaging redesign
  • Premium character
  • Logo unification

Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Brauerei