Wild and smart look for original wines

The Wachau is a unique cultural landscape in Austria and is distinguished by typical and indigenous wines, which are popular worldwide.

Sighardt Donabaum is an ambitious Wachau winemaker and to him the nature and the special character of this region is particularly important. As a winemake and a hunter, he is always in search of the original and genuine.

Pichler & Gattringer captured this passion and created a wine range in a new, wild look. To the conspicuous illustrations of domestic wild animals, there are some smart names like “Der wilde S. Dona vom Bruch” or “Der mächtige S. Dona vom 1000 Eimerberg”.

Thus the new label design gives the Donabaum wines a special character, even unopened.


  • Brand and design development
  • Eye-catching illustrations

Sighardt Donabaum