Back after around 50 years

Regionality is also important for beer in Austria. Until 1971 Linz had an own brewery where Linzer Bier was brewed.

Now the Linzer Bier is back after around 50 years and Linz is a brewing city again. The straightforward, clear label matches the unpretentious brand personality of the spicy special beer, brewed according to the original recipe from 1921.

The “Original” is complemented by an unfiltered Linzer Zwickl beer, a hoppy Pale Ale and an amber bottom-fermented “Linzer Edelstahl” beer.

The “Linzer Liesl”, label icon since the earliest years, has been carefully abstracted. The style is adapted to the current zeitgeist, without adapting to it. Ears of barley, hops and traditional costumes from Linz refer to their regional origins.

The beer types are differentiated by a clear colour code, “Edelstahl” is in a steely blue-gray as a tribute to the steel city Linz.


  • Brand and packaging design
  • Craft beer style
  • Strong colours, good visibility on POS
  • Large range of POS materials