Gösser brings a breath of fresh air to the domestic beer market with a Session Lager, Pichler & Gattringer create the fresh design

The new Gösser NaturHell 4 % combines what many consumers want from beer: full-bodied, tasty and less tart, light and easy to drink. Gösser NaturHell 4 % offers all this and also establishes a new beer segment in Austria: the beer type “Session Lager”. These are beers with a little less alcohol, with a full flavour and excellent drinkability, an everyday beer type in the best sense of the word.

“With its range, the Gösser brand offers beer enjoyment for every taste. For this new type of beer, the designer team placed the reduced alcohol content of 4 % right in the centre in a bold and prominent manner,” says Daniel Frixeder from Pichler & Gattringer.

The selected colours in a light cream tone combined with strong nuances of green reflect the naturalness and origin of Austria’s green brewery Göss. There the new Gösser NaturHell 4 % is brewed from local raw materials and is CO2 neutral.


  • Brand and packaging design
  • Bold lettering
  • Clear focus on 4 %
  • Freshness and naturalness

Brau Union Österreich AG